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Health & Empowerment (Fears/Phobias, Stress, Anxiety)

For  a long time, I had wanted to get rid of my fears, which had tormented my mind and life, and a have peaceful life.  My childhood experiences had become fears that affected my relationship with my family and partner, creating moments of anxiety and uncertainty. That anxiety also affected my sleep. There were nights that I couldn’t sleep all night long. My greatest fear was having my partner abandon me and not having a united family.

At the end of every session, I felt some of the heaviness being taken away from me, leaving a feeling of peace and calm. I won’t ever forget that right after the first session,  I couldn’t stop smiling for no reason. I was on my way home and I just felt happy and very light.  I had a great night of sleep. I had approximately six or seven sessions; by December I was going to visit my family in Mexico.  During this visit, it was one of the greatest visits that I had ever had since I came to the U.S.  I enjoyed every single member of my immediate family; we laughed, cried and enjoyed being together.

Once I came back to the U.S in January, I had to face the very difficult break-up with my almost 11 year partner.  I just knew that I didn’t want to live like that again, and I went back to a couple of more sessions to regain the strength.  Now, after this breakup, I managed to sleep well, to keep focused on my present, to forgive others and myself, and put those “obstacles” that may interfere in my present life away. I have been working constantly using the tools Jim and Renata provided me whenever I am in a difficult situation.

I must say that these hypnosis sessions with Renata and Jim, both of whom I had some sessions with, have helped to have a more peaceful mind and life. In comparison with other type of therapy that I had received, hypnotherapy has helped to develop the skills to feel and create the light that I need to encounter and face good and bad situations under good or bad circumstances.  

Elizabeth Villanueva
High School Teacher

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