The American Service Team

THE MARTEC GROUP can reduce your facility’s operating costs

THE MARTEC GROUP has developed, engineered, and executed a program unique to the facilities services industry, bringing committed cost savings to Fortune 500 Companies and Government Facilities along with Tier 1 Diversity spend.

With the support of THE MARTERC GROUP’S Management Team, National Service Network, and our “state of the art” Integrated Management System, THE MARTEC GROUP offers Commercial Businesses and Government agencies one of the largest MBE Facility Service Companies in the country that is focused on enhancing the quality of a customer’s facility while driving costs down!

The Challenge

Corporate mergers, acquisitions and downsizing of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies are forcing companies to find new ways to reduce their operating costs.

The Solution

THE MARTEC GROUP can dramatically reduce a company’s costs for facility related services by leveraging the total spend for these services across multiple facilities into a streamlined, “single source service solution” made up of a centralized management system, standardized service programs, state of the art equipment and supplies and real time electronic reporting to drive costs down!

Our Strategic Objective

Map photoTHE MARTEC GROUP offers customers one of the largest, minority owned, service and supply chain organizations made up of “Strategic Alliance” partners that include some of the most prestigious service companies in the country along with “best of class”, small, minority and women owned industry specialists that are united in providing the most innovative and cost efficient programs to its customers.

Our program consists of “state of the art” technology that will implement integrated computer solutions to better track daily work orders, preventive maintenance programs and unite multiple service specialists along with their service information, into a single source operation for the customer. This unique solution provides our company with the ability to provide services virtually anywhere in the world, to any size facility without sacrificing costs or quality.

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