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"Baby Body Boot Camp changed my life. Not only is Pam the best and most efficient trainer I have ever had. The community around the class, the other moms and the other kids makes Baby Body Boot Camp about so much more than just getting in shape."

Anne (Maya 20 mo and 39 weeks pregnant)

"I have been taking this class for over a year now and have been shocked at the results I have achieved through Pam's training style and the great people I have met. It is so hard to find a way to be fit and still spend time with your kids and this makes for the perfect balance. Pam is an incredibly talented trainer who watches the class and makes the right adjustments so that every student gets the personal attention you would with a one on one trainer. If a child is fussy....she is right there to console them so you really can relax an take some time to work on your own exercise. She is a mom who "gets it" which is often something you won't find in a typical gym trainer. And what better way to start your day than with your baby under the sunshine in the backdrop of the river and the city. You will find yourself hooked in no time!!"   

Janel (Levi 2 and Estelle 3)     


"Baby Body Boot Camp is a fantastic workout and a great way to spend time with other moms and your baby. After I had my daughter, this boot camp not only kept me in shape but introduced me to a fantastic group of moms. Pam Keefer is a very dedicated trainer who focuses on each mom individually while simultaneously making the workout fun for the whole group. Now that my daughter is 18 months old, she still loves going to boot camp and playing with the other kids while the moms workout. Additionally, I have a wonderful group of new friends. Since becoming a mom, Baby Body Boot Camp is by far the most meaningful activity I have been a part of."

Rebecca (Eva 18 mo)


"I was looking for a workout regimen that would really get me back to my old self after having my son.  After the first class with Pam, I realized this was exactly the mix I was looking for -- a great workout and a perfect place to meet other new moms.  The workout is intense, but Pam is great about tailoring each session so that it feels like you're getting a personal training session with someone who has your specific needs and goals in mind.  I look forward to her class every week -- even when I'm sore after the workouts!  Plus, Pam manages to keep Bennett happy and entertained even while she's demonstrating proper form for squats and ab work!"

Casey (Bennett 2 1/2)


"I started bootcamping six weeks after giving birth and it has helped me get back in to shape so much faster than I would have been able to achieve on my own. Pam is fabulous and although the class is big she caters to each and everyone with individual advice and excercise regimes. Furthermore she is fantastic with the kids. The atmosphere is always loving and fun and apart from getting in shape the classes also gives a great oportunity to meet cool moms and their children."

Lauren (Nicky 18 mo)


"Pam is a motivating, creative, no nonsense trainer. I always get a great workout at the boot camp classes, and it is a great environment to do it while meeting other moms. She mixes it up so I never get bored and actually find myself looking forward to the workouts! Not only does she keep the class super challenging, she makes it really fun - and has helped to create a great camaraderie amongst the mamas!"

Jenn (Lucia 2 1/2)


"If you are looking to exercise and want to include your little one(s) then Baby Body Boot Camp is where it's at! Being a mother of twin boys presents quite a challenge. Pam keeps me physically strong and mentally sharp. Pam also allows you to exercise ALL of your body parts while bonding with your baby in a fun filled, safe manner. Thanks Pam!"

RO (Alex and Jake 2)


"Baby Body Bootcamp is a great workout and a lot of fun! Pam is able to accommodate all fitness levels in the class and everyone is so supportive of each other. It’s such a great way to get back into shape after having a baby – and to meet other mothers and babies. Pam is also amazing to work with one-on-one. Her workouts are challenging, but I really feel great afterward!"

Michele (Cole 1)


"As a full-time, stay at home mom, Pam’s Baby Body Boot Camp is a great opportunity for me to get a fantastic workout, with the added convenience of bringing the baby along so I don’t have to worry about a babysitter. Pam’s class is encouraging, motivational and very kid-friendly. I’ve met a lovely group of mom’s who have become my twice-weekly workout partners.  If you’re looking for a welcoming environment to exercise and make friends, I highly recommend Baby Body Boot Camp."

 Alyssa (Hudson 11 mo)


"Baby Body Boot Camp is amazing!  Being a professional dancer and Choreographer I find myself bored in a group fitness class, not with Pam.  She keeps me interested and is always challenging me.  I get excited to go to class, not only do you get an amazing workout but it's fun!"

Sheridon (Kendall 3 and Deacon 8 mo)


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