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About Our Chef

William Walden is the Executive Chef of Bistro Gastronomie in Boca Raton, Florida. Chef Walden prepares the finest Modern French-American Country Cuisine, emphasizing “farm-to-table” freshness and organic purity. Chef Walden cultivates a refined approach to French Cuisine and Gastronomie—the culturally focused art and enjoyment of eating. The cultivation of organically-grown vegetables, flowers, herbs, lettuces, and legumes will be used to create masterfully-prepared French-American cuisine, resulting in one of the finest restaurants in the entire region. No stranger to farming, Walden worked in his grandmother’s farm store as a child and mastered the art of butchering at a very early age. His over 35 years of experience as a restaurateur has taken him to great heights, where he has experienced world-class opportunities.

Pastry Chef Alethea Hickman

Born in Syracuse NY, grew up in Miami.  Married 38 years, lived and raised a family of 3 kids in Coral Springs, today is a Grand mom of 7 grand kids  

Alethea has had a Passion for Pastry ever since childhood. From her first easy bake oven at the tender age of 5 and dealing with middle child syndrome Alethea was able to overcome this when she discovered how sweets and pastries got her the attention she needed.

Alethea was able to use all her passions as an Athlete, Lover of Food and Sweets, and as an Artist. She says the stamina it takes to work the hours, walk the miles, competing to be at the top of her game, as a leader and a teacher reminds her of her Athletic days. Family and food was a big thing growing up, never a meal without dessert.  Her creative and Artistic Abilities sets her apart from other Pastry Chefs. The Presentation and Eye appeal as well as using the finest ingredients, all to meet her own high expectations adds to her passion. She strives to reach the Wow factor in all that she produces. “When someone looks at my creations and says Wow!”   Mission Accomplished!

Alethea, proud owner of many Bakery businesses of her own starting at the age of 20, worked her way up the ladder, being self-taught, learning and growing along the way.  
She worked in many high end venues such as the Boca Resort and Club, the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, St. Andrews Country Club, her own business Passion for Pastry in Boca Raton and also in The Town Center Mall. A pioneer of the Well designed cake, made from scratch desserts and much more.

Alethea was sought out by many of the local rich and famous, to design their special occasion cakes e.g. Dan Marino, Ray Lewis, LeBron James, Jack Nicklaus, John Henry, Nancy Malnik and the list goes on and on.

Alethea was discovered via her web-site by Food TV network, and was invited to be on their Cake Challenge program.  She is also the proud owner of 2011 Guinness World Book Record for producing the Worlds largest cupcake weighing in at 1,400 lbs. all as a one piece cupcake.

Many years of hard work dedication and Passion has kept her at the top of her game.  Alethea has always had the dream and abilities to work with well-known chefs around the country. However, the first love of her life was to raise a family here in south Florida.  And for that reason she has settled to be a well-known local who has shares her love and talent as a Pastry chef here in south Florida.

General Manager John Iannotti

John Iannotti has been in the hospitality industry for over thirty years. His main goal is to deliver first class service and excellent quality in food and beverage.

John spent fourteen years with the Harmon Nicholas Group, which is well known for high quality and first class service with attention to every detail. With fine dining restaurants in major cities and destinations throughout the country, including the Boca Raton Resort and Club, they sought to combine the finest product with the finest service to create the quintessential dining experience.

John spent eleven years at the prestigious, member owned, St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton Fl. He was hired as the Director of Food and Beverage and Catering, and was able to bring five star dining to St. Andrews, which made it one of best private clubs in all of South Florida.  After just two years as Food and Beverage Director, John was promoted to General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, where he spent the next ten years. With his love for the food and beverage operation at the Club, John still played a “hands on” approach to all aspects of dining at the club.

John was then recruited in a national search for the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer position at Fisher Island Club in Miami.  Among one of his premier objectives was to bring world class dining to all seven of the island’s restaurants.

His exceptional expertise, commitment, and energy in the hospitality business make John a perfect fit and key part of Bistro Gastronomie.

About Bistro Gastronomie

A Gastronomie is the art and ultimate enjoyment of partaking in pleasurable eating experiences and the culture from where the meal is derived, the concept of which forms the base of Bistro Gastronomie’s French-American fine dining experience. The Inclusion of organic, garden grown vegetables, flowers, legumes and fresh herbs, the world’s highest quality, farm-raised beef, lamb, and other meat choices, and the finest in pasta, pastry and Farmstead French cheeses, allows Chef Walden to fuse delicious flavors into every perfectly-prepared masterpiece.

Our Raison d’Etre is the creation of masterfully artistic French-American cuisine with the greatest impetus on delicious quintessence. Co-owner, Elaine Baker, and General Manager, John Iannotti, ensure every patron receives the ultimate French-American dining experience.

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Contact the Chef: ChefWilliam@BistroGastronomie.com
Contact the General Manager: John@BistroGastronomie.com

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