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The Nutrians' Team is working diligently to bring you the perfect Nutrition Guidebook & Consultancy for your Nutrition.

We believe - Your Health is your wealth & NUTRITION is your Superpower!
Good nurtrition not only provides your body with the right diet, but also strengthens factors like resistance, immunity and metabolism. We believe with our advanced research and experience in Nutrition can help you raise your nutrition levels so you can live Life to the fullest! If you suffer from a condition, a few, carefully curated Nutrition guidelines could help you recover faster, fight the root causes and sometimes even reverse the condition!

To help you achieve this, we've setup a special member's area, where you can write and share particulars with our expert Nutritionist - Dr Veena Aggarwal!  We can then help your setup a consult.
We welcome you to begin your Nutritional journey with us!

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Meet the Team
  • Dr Veena AggarwalHead Nutritionist, Co-Founder
    She is one of the finest nutritional consultants in India. She  has dedicated all her life to research in wellness & nutrition. She inherently believes that nutritional deficiencies are one of the main causes of many illnesses.
    She has been involved with top Insitutions in the country, including -
    AIIMS, New Delhi
    Consultant, Nutrition Foundation of India
    Academy for Educational Development (USA)
    Ex-Director & Research Head, VLCC Health Care LTD
    Examiner, Paper Setter and Research Guide for Institutes, University of Delhi
    Technical Committee Member, NABH & QCI India
  • Priya DayalCo-Founder
    The Vision behind Nutrians. Her biggest strength has been Team Building.
    Care and compassion is an inate part of her being. She has been an integral part in the nurturing organization called Arpana Services, which has supported many social segments like Healthcare, Women's Empowerment programs, Children's eductation, livelihoods, etc.
  • Pranav RS Nutrians Manager
    The backbone for the Nutrian's Online Platform, he has a Master's in Technology with over 9 years of experience in Business Management, Human Interaction and Product Design, and has developed various platforms over his year with Frontend technologies.
    His recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis led him to build & support Nutrian's noble cause of healing ailments and even reversing lifestyle conditions.
  •  Rashma AnandDT
    Rashma Anand is a Dietitian/ Clinical Nutrition with an experience of more than 15 years in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate and enthusiastic in the field of Food & Nutrition. Presently she is a visiting consultant at Dharma Diabetes & Metabolic Clinic and other multispecialty Hospital and Heart Clinic in Delhi and NCR.
    Being an active member of Delhi Dietetics Association she is updating her skills and knowledge in the field of Nutrition.
    Ms Rashma Anand has done her PG Dietetics and PHN from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She interned from Safdurjung Hospital, New Delhi. Her work experience as a Dietitian has been acquired by working in various reputed Hospitals and Medical College like Lok Nayak Jai Parkash Narayan (LNJPN) Hospital, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi & R.B.T.B. Hospital and association with Hindu Rao and GB Pant Hospital.
    She has experience of counseling patients suffering from various diseases especially Diabetic, Nephrology and Gastroenterology. Ms. Anand has also participated in Nutrition Exhibition in DMA Auditorium.
    She has taught Nutrition to 3 rd and 4 th year students of Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi and Nursing College.
  • Prerna GuptaNutritionist, Indian Diabetic Assosiation
    Prerna Gupta is a Delhi-based diet and lifestyle consultant with a Master’s degree in Food & Nutrition having over 7 years of experience in the field of Clinical Nutrition. She aims to promote a holistic approach among people to improve their quality of life and take charge of their health.
    As a lifetime member of Indian Dietetic Association and certified diabetes educator Prerna’s mission is to inculcate healthy lifestyle habits among people to enable them be the best version of themselves.
    Her style of coaching is completely personalized because every individual is different and so are their fitness goals. She will help you reclaim your relationship with food and pave the way for a healthier, happier you.
  • Anita AggarwalMS

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