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From My Clients

"I come from a pretty large family - both in number and in weight! We are definitely a group that knows how to cook and eat. My problem has never really been one particular food, it has always been a control issue for me. I am definitely an emotional eater; I find food very comforting, very soothing, so maintaining a healthy weight has always been a challenge for me.

Christine has helped me find the control that I was lacking. In one month I have lost 8.4 pounds and am pretty close to my goal weight. When Christine speaks she uses situations that I understand and can relate to. Not only has she helped me realize that I don't need to eat everything on my plate, but she has inadvertently helped me shed the residual emotional baggage that I have been holding on to from my previous marriage!"    Deb S.


"My original goal was to shed a few lbs. without popping pills or skipping meals.
Hypnosis???? I was skeptical –but thought I’d give it a shot.
What I didn't expect was the enormous power and impact that you as a Life Coach & Hypnotist had. I have not only improved my physical appearance, but also my self esteem.
You gave me the tools and guidance that has changed my attitude and habits.
You were compassionate, professional, and I looked forward to each and every session.
Thank you"   
Deborah M.


As a professional woman working in a high stress industry, volunteering and balancing a large family, I had reached the point where I needed to reassess my personal and professional goals.  Christine’s system of coaching is thought provoking and energizing.  Her professional manner is very calming and professional.  In a very short time, she was able to truly assist me in clarifying both my personal and professional goals.  Christine Kelly is truly a miracle worker!!   Dana J.


It should not have been a surprise to me when my job ended this past spring. I knew the business was shutting down, yet the time crept up and now what to do next. Christine's coaching expertise came at an opportune time. Through a series of thought provoking questions, I was offered the opportunity to go within and identify those traits, both professional and personal, that make Chuck who he is today. I closely listened to Christine's questions and provided her with answers that sometimes were eye opening for me. Did Christine accept just those answers? Heck no, she asked deeper follow-up questions. I had to do the "work". What was the end result? Well, as part of my job elimination I was offered outplacement services. These included several personal and professional assessments, along with a series of classes including one called What's Next. I can honestly say that due to Christine's coaching techniques, the outplacement assessment results confirmed what Christine had shown me. I also found it much easier to network and participate in those outplacement classes. But the biggest thrill was learning how "spot on" Christine was in helping me discover not only what I do best, but what I like to do and how the two would eventually become part of my new employment opportunity. If you need guidance in helping you discover your next steps, I highly recommend Christine Kelly at Balance Coaching & Hypnosis.    Chuck T.

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